Welcome to your new beginning…..
I will support you to become more aware of yourself, your patterns, stuck places, beliefs and behaviors.

My programs, sessions and therapies provide skills for you to live your life from the inside out rather than the outside in – you make choices about the life you want to live.  I offer a variety of individual unique approaches to therapy and learning.

Equine assisted Therapy, provides an opportunity to connect and work with horses to become more aware of yourself and the impact you have upon others in relationship. Horses are great at providing honest feedback and teach us how to set boundaries, communicate clearly and lead confidently.

Art Therapy, involves creating a piece of art and learning about yourself along the way, when we work with our hands we gain insights into ourselves and get in touch with our felt sense.

Gestalt Therapy, is a therapy which encourages authenticity, feeling and experiencing life in the now and challenges you to become aware of yourself and your behaviours.

I offer individual sessions as well as programs for group’s, family and couple’s which are supportive, nurturing, challenging and liberating.

What people say about Jane Faulkner therapy sessions and programs……