Group Sessions

My aim is to provide groups that are supportive, nurturing, challenging and liberating.

Groups are powerful for personal growth, they may provide a sense of closeness and belonging and an opportunity to connect with others.

Groups provide a unique opportunity to learn from one another in a safe nourishing environment.

You will learn from your interactions with others about your and others interpersonal styles, including ways in which you may stop yourself from getting your needs met, from having a voice or from setting a boundary.

Each group member is of equal status and has an agreement to be honest, respectful and confidential.



Spirit Woman Groups

– Are you stuck in the one place?

– Do you feel like issues are holding you back in your life?

– Do you feel isolated and alone in your feelings?


A group for women interested in exploring their spirituality and their inner selves.

We will explore different aspects of being a spiritual woman, we will also look at issues keeping you stuck and holding you back in your life.

You will learn skills to apply to your life, have a chance to share and learn from other women and be nourished by one another and the creativity that will unfold.

You will explore different ways of going deep and coming home to yourself. We will work with art therapy, yoga, meditation, gestalt therapy group work and lots more.

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Teenage Resilience Groups

– Are you or do you have a teen between the age of 12 and 16?

– Are you or they struggling with some aspects of their life?

– Come and discuss life and its challenges with other teens in a safe space.


A group for people between 12 and 16 who are struggling with some aspect of their life and would like the opportunity to discuss life and its challenges with other teens in a safe space.

We will discuss and work on relevant issues for you and work on strategies and gaining tools to help you in your life.

You will have an opportunity to learn and practice different techniques to help with your social skills, your confidence, your self-acceptance and your resilience.

Groups are really helpful as you can learn from one-another, you can try out new ways of being and get feedback from others and you may form supportive friendships with other group members.

Groups are also great because you realize that you are not alone and that others may be going through difficult times as well.

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