The pressure to succeed.

Be Something

In today’s world there is so much pressure to be something or someone. We have forgotten the value of the ordinary; the everyday living that nourishes us. Time at home with family, nourishing time with friend’s, time alone with our partners or by ourselves. This pressure to succeed is driving us away from one another and away from what keeps us healthy and sane.

No Purpose

I get so many mother’s that come to see me; they feel lost, they feel that they have no purpose and no value, they are not earning any money and have no career to speak of. Yet they have the most important job in the world, to care for our children. I remember being one of those mums, I felt so lost and like I had lost any sense of myself as a woman capable of making a difference in the world. I didn’t respect my role as a mum, I didn’t give mothering any value and I didn’t feel valued by our society.

No Value

In our society we value things, titles, keeping things ordered and neat. Most of us want to avoid what’s real- the discomfort of not having your shit together, a messy house, a messy relationship, a messy career. We are sold this lie that to be happy, life is organized, neat, tidy and your always happy and together. This lie keeps us all stuck on a merry go round that we can’t step off of. We remain disconnected and therefore more vulnerable to believing this illusion of what happiness and a successful life is.

Success is in relationships

Things, status, titles are not what makes us happy- healthy relationships are, relationships with nature, other people, ourselves. Our world needs us to remember what’s important, what serves us as humans so that we stop destroying the planet and one another in pursuit of something that is not even real- it’s a fairytale of what reality should be, not what it is. The fairytale rips us off, life is much more juicy and full with all of the mess, the chaos, the living on the edge that being a human walking on the earth entails. So I want to encourage you to drop the fairytale take the pressure of yourself and live, remember to be and to love.